What we do

We provide a range of mechanical engineering services to various industries with a core focus on the glass manufacturing sector, both here in the UK, across Europe and further afield internationally.

Supporting our customers manufacturing operations and production is a core part of our engineering services and whilst machine downtime is sometimes planned and can’t always be avoided, our team of engineers are available 24/7 and work to ensure that this is kept to an absolute minimum, so production can continue at the earliest time.


Mechanical Engineering

  • Installation
  • Decommissioning
  • Movement
  • Maintenance

Engineering Operations

Health & safety is at the forefront of our operations and at Eco we are proud of how we ensure the safety of our people, our customers and anyone else who may come into contact with our operations.

Our team of skilled engineers have many years’ experience working closely with glass manufacturers and are trained in a variety of mechanical specialisms. They have decommissioned, moved, installed, and carried out repairs and maintenance to specialist machinery and equipment at all stages of glass production, from batch hoppers to furnace repairs, I.S Machine & Lehr services, through to cold end conveyors and packaging equipment.

Our core services

As our business has grown, our engineering team has grown too, giving us the capability to service multiple site projects, without impacting our high quality of engineering services that we offer.

Did you know?

Many glass making terms have entered our language. A molten lump of glass is called a ‘gob’ to which the glass blower attached a tube to blow the glass into shape. When it was time to stop blowing they shouted 'shut yer gob'! Another example is when the blower had to blow hard which made their cheeks very large. Today someone with a big mouth is told they have a big gob.

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