Quality Policy Statement

It is the established policy of ECO ENGINEERING INSTALLATIONS LIMITED to supply, install and maintain machinery for the glass industry, which is fit for its intended purpose and which is manufactured entirely in conformance with the company’s quality procedures and client expectations and needs. It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that the quality system procedures are implemented and adhered to.

A system of procedure manuals is used to describe how the Quality Policy is implemented, to give instructions and guidance to employees and to provide a picture of the overall quality aims, plans and organizational goals of the firm. Using the framework of ISO 9001 Quality System Requirements we will strive for continual improvement in the quality of our performance.

It is mandatory that all employees abide by the above requirements.

The firm publishes the statement in the knowledge that the quality of its products and its good name depend on the everyday actions of its employees.


A signed and dated copy of the Quality Policy Statement is available upon request.